A winter luau pig

Shari won an auction for a 45-pound, dressed whole pig a few months back, and has been anxiously awaiting an opportunity to cook it luau-style, buried in the earth and steamed on a bed of coals for several hours. So, over the last week we butterflied and marinated the pig, dug a pit, collected instructions from a Hawaiian fellow and lots of firewood from around town. Early Saturday morning we got up to build the fire and package the little porker. Shari built a big fire, complete with white-hot rocks nestled in the bed of coals. The pig, which we had wrapped in layers of banana leaves Continue reading “A winter luau pig”

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Returning Already

Well, posting on a regular basis didn’t go quite as I’d hoped or planned. The internet service at the dive resort wasn’t free (as advertised in multiple locations) and was pricey enough that I opted not to spend a lot of time attempting to update the blog, and our Western Highlands lodging had no service at all. So, in a nutshell:

The diving in Milne Bay was essentially everything it was cracked up to to be: healthy, vibrant reefs with a huge biomass of fish and inverts and visibility that ranged from good (by our Unalaska standards) to unbelievable. The only minor disappointment Continue reading “Returning Already”

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Paradise. There’s stuff all over the Port Moresby airport that refers to PNG as paradise and they’re not kidding. This country is stunningly beautiful (the parts that haven’t been logged). Certain aspects are strongly reminiscent of Cameroon -the oppressive heat and humidity of an un-air conditioned airport terminal; the smell of collective body odor; the poor roads and the roadside stands with some cigarettes, betel nuts and a few pieces of fruit for sale. But the jungle is comprised of different plants, the bird calls are unfamiliar Continue reading “Tawali”

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