Australia and PNG pics

I have finally finished wading through something like 3000 photos from our trip last year, and have whittled them down to a mere 150 or so. I put them in more or less chronological order so they’re a fairly accurate representation of our journey, though some poetic license was taken so that the gallery images and captions made more sense. …

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Dollars

Or at least that’s what they seem to cost.

Over a year ago Brandon and I decided we wanted both video and stills for this trip. We spent an inordinate amount of time discussing what pieces of equipment and which accessories to take in order to best utilize our weight allowances and avoid lugging about massive bags of camera gear. We settled on the video camera sans lights and battery pods, and my aged but trusty Canon point & shoot rather than the bulky Nikon DSLR, since my skill level just doesn’t seem to justify the 24kg of camera gear that the DSLR would entail. In order Continue reading “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Dollars”

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Morning in the Rainforest

A three-quarter moon and a cacophony of sound woke me this morning. I haven’t seen most of these birds – birding in a rain forest is damned difficult to say the least – but at least a dozen different species are singing, cawing, squawking and booming right outside our cabin. And last night after dinner I heard and felt giant …