Day 6: Kington to Knighton

16.3 miles, and the end of Leg 1. I find it hard to believe we walked that far yesterday, but that’s what the GPS says. For most of the day we slogged over hill and dale, through acres and miles of sheep shit, in a warm, breezy rain. In terms of elevation gain and time spent on pavement it was …

Day 5: Hay-on-Wye to Kington

15.2 miles. The route today was a relatively easy day’s walk compared to our first three days. The ascents and descents were gentle, meandering primarily through large sheep pastures and a couple of very small and picturesque hamlets. The last part of the day was spent walking over the top of Hergest Ridge, a substantial bracken-covered hill cross-crossed with wide drover’s lanes and dotted with rolls of recently baled bracken and many sheep. Near the top of the ridge was a small stand of some of the strangest Continue reading “Day 5: Hay-on-Wye to Kington”

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Day 4: Hay-on-wye

0 miles. Laundry and a relaxing day strolling Hay-on-Wye. We had separate rooms, which means Shari didn’t have to listen to my snoring and I didn’t get jabbed and told to roll over. We had a leisurely breakfast with a Canadian couple who were biking, in reverse, a route very similar to ours. They too were traveling independently, something which …