Window-watching winter wildlife

This morning there are two foxes in the yard. They’ve been there for at least a half-hour so far, and show no interest in moving on anytime soon. One of them – reddish with darker tips on its hair, what we would call a “cross fox” – is busily pawing through the snow looking, I’m sure, for bits of bird …

Orchids in Alaska

I have six orchids which I’ve collected over the past three years, some of them bought and some of them obtained through plant trades.  I almost killed two of them, one last year and one the year before, but brought those two back and  have otherwise managed to keep all six plants generally healthy.  Last summer one of them bloomed, …

Winter walking

January so often brings us stunning winter weather and this year has been no exception, with about 10 days of mostly sunny, mostly calm and cold but not frigid weather.  Shari and I took advantage of our both being off on one of these almost clear, calm, just-below-freezing days to hike to Agamgik Bay.  This is a great half-day hike at any time

of year, but avalanches often keep us from being able to walk it in the winter.  We’ve had so little snow this year that getting to the trailhead was no problem, and we set off Continue reading “Winter walking”

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