Morning in the Rainforest

A three-quarter moon and a cacophony of sound woke me this morning. I haven’t seen most of these birds – birding in a rain forest is damned difficult to say the least – but at least a dozen different species are singing, cawing, squawking and booming right outside our cabin. And last night after dinner I heard and felt giant …

Great Barrier Reef Diving

I’m still out on the boat right now so this won’t get sent for a couple of days yet but things are going well. We missed our last flight and so ended up with a full day in Sydney before flying to Cairns – neat city – but caught our liveaboard without issue (we had generously padded our travel arrangements to account for this). The morning before boarding we took a very long sky tram over the rainforest, in the rain so as to have the most realistic exposure to the environment, and explored the area for Continue reading “Great Barrier Reef Diving”

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Tropical North Queensland

It’s hot. It’s humid. I’m loving it. Brandon’s dying already and we haven’t even made it to PNG. Gigantic fruit bats are hanging in every tree outside our hotel room, pied pigeons on steroids keep up a constant chorus in the predawn hours and it’s been raining constantly since we arrived late last night. We board the Spoilsport today and by this time tomorrow should be starting our second dive!

Our flight attendant last night was fascinated to find we’re from Unalaska – apparently there are Deadliest Catch fans even in the land Down Under! Hope to have some pics to include next time – stay tuned.

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