Window-watching winter wildlife

This morning there are two foxes in the yard. They’ve been there for at least a half-hour so far, and show no interest in moving on anytime soon. One of them – reddish with darker tips on its hair, what we would call a “cross fox” – is busily pawing through the snow looking, I’m sure, for bits of bird seed. The other one, also a cross fox but with dark hair and lighter, reddish tips, is sitting on top of a snow drift apparently just  watching the scene unfold. Both the dog and cat were excited about having the foxes there. I’m not sure how they know, but they seem to be able to tell just by body language that something “interesting” can be seen through the windows, for they both knew without my having said anything that they should run to an open blind and look outside. Last year we had a family of four foxes that visited regularly, probably a mother with three young from the earlier spring/summer. I don’t remember how many mornings we watched that group chase one another around the shed and repeatedly slide down snow banks – clearly they were finding enough food that they had time to play! I’m fairly certain that this morning’s two foxes are “new,” as last year’s family didn’t have any cross-coloring and at least three of the family members had white tips on their tails, which these two do not. Having foxes around, particularly in the winter, isn’t unusual here but I still get a great deal of enjoyment out of watching them go about their business and pleasure, right in my front yard.

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  1. Well since you put it like that, I kind of miss the place. I hope all is well down the land of confusion. If you have time, let me know the next time your going to be passing through town. I’d like to get caught up on all the ramblings and runnings of the island that enslaved me.

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