Notes from the Field: 10 September 2015

Today dawned with significant wind still howling around the guesthouse and other structures, with the addition of sunshine and rainbows (literally)! It stayed like that most of the day: I could stand in a patch of sunshine, see blue sky overhead, and all the while be pelted with horizontal rain. Just like home… It made for great lighting though, and I took more photos today than I did the first two days combined.

Today’s explorations were much closer to home: waterfalls, and lots of them; a hike up a nearby canyon, and a shocking visit to a local handicrafts store where a pair of hand-knit socks cost $61! Other, larger items were priced accordingly. I stayed, I looked, I did not buy… I visited three sets of falls today, one of them twice because I wanted to see it in evening light as well as morning. This particular place, Hraunfossar, is fascinating. There’s a plateau of lava just off the banks of the muddy glacier-fed rIvey Hvita. Out of the plateau and directly into the river flows clear, cold water – and it’s not as if the plateau is fed by any surface source of water! The falls aren’t particularly large but are just lovely, with rainbow colors dancing in the light of the sun on the spray-drenched rocks.

My hosts said they saw the Aurora Borealis last night, during a break in the weather.  They’re to wake me if they see them again tonight. It’s cloudy right now but supposed to be clearing. Have camera, will awake…

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