Notes from the Field: 19 August 2013, Day Seven

Confluence of Red Sheep Creek and Chandalar River

1045. Last day. Waiting at the airstrip at the confluence of Red Sheep Creek and Chandalar River for Kirk – he’s supposed to be here between 0900-1200 – fingers crossed. We’re all ready to go, I think. Rained most of the night, gray morning so far. A plane, not Kirk’s, dropped down out of the clouds and the pilot asked if one of us was Jennifer and if so, to come with him.

We did, and got to Arctic Village about 1130-1200. Not long after that, another plane, this one yellow, dropped down out of the clouds and regurgitated its passengers. The pilot asked if we were headed to FAI because his plane was empty and some other pilot said to look for us. So here it is only 1230 and were en route to FAI! Showers and real beds, flush toilets, someone else’s cooking – here we come!

Notes to self:

  • Best Meals: Chicken ala King, Shrimp & Ham Jambalaya, Lentils w/ Citrus Olive Oil, Chickpeas with Lime & Tomato
  • Hot chocolate = Good!
  • Fuel consumption: Two Gatorade bottles
  • Final weights (body only)
    • Shari 148.0
    • Erin 154.2
    • Jennifer 141.8
  • Changed batteries on GPS 1x
  • Changed batteries on camera 2x
  • Changed batteries on Steripen 1x
Total distance: 34.8 miles


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