Notes from the Field: 18 August 2013, Day Six

Confluence of Red Sheep Creek and Chandalar River.

2039. Fresh snow on some of the high mountains this morning! And cooler this morning, once it stopped raining (it rained all night). We had a great day today – good walking, great views and not very far to go. The vista we had at the Chandalar valley when we left Red Sheep Creek was stunning – stopped for 45’ to take a bunch of photos looking up and down the valley and back where we’d come from. We got to the area of the landing strip around 1400, set up camp a half-mile away and then spent the rest of the afternoon looking for fossils. We found a couple neat ones – and will come home with packs full of rocks rather than food and fuel! Weather’s been fantastic today – few very light showers but mostly sun and scattered high clouds.

Cumulative distance: 34.4 miles.


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