Notes from the Field: 17 August 2013, Day Five

Red Sheep Creek.

2047. No Scrabble tonight – we’ve played the last three nights but we’re all beat and we’d have to huddle in one tent because it’s raining and we all have nasty, horrible gas of the most noxious odor. We had a good day’s walk today, nearly eight miles again through a lot of boggy, swampy stuff and, when we needed a break, on the river bed (rocky and hard on the feet in many places, but at least not a swamp).

Found a neat fossil today – several, in fact, but only kept the one. Also walked low enough – I think we’re at 2800’-2900’ – to get into some conifers. Spruce, I think. Shari found a mountain sheep kill – poachers? bear? The fur is so soft! A few more flowers still blooming in this valley, and the blueberries are sweeter, but it’s definitely Autumn here.

Cumulative distance: 29.0 miles


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