Notes from the Field: 16 August 2013, Day Four

Red Sheep Creek.

1853. What can I say about today? It was sunny and clear at 0600 when I got up, already clouding by 0700 when Shari and Erin got up, and raining – again – by the time we hit the trail at 1020. It did stop, finally, around 1400 but as of this writing has started again. To imagine what our walk today was like: Put on a bunch of bulky clothing. Put on a 40-pound pack. Do alternate lunges. For six hours. In the rain. We found tussocks today – lots of them – a field full of Cousin Its. They squish, bend, collapse and are generally uncooperative when stepped on.

Our valley now – Red Sheep Creek – is much broader than Cane Creek. There’s also much more water though how much of that is just from all the rain? Parts of the creek look flooded – like this much rain is unusual. Erin calls this country Drizzly Grizzly, though we haven’t seen any bears – only evidence of same – since Day One.

Note to self: Fuel consumption after three dinners and three breakfasts is a bit more than (1) Gatorade bottle.

Cumulative distance: 21.2 miles


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