Notes from the Field: 12 August 2013, Day One-1

Unalaska – Anchorage-Fairbanks

Our journey started yesterday with but a minor hiccup – that moment when the pilot told us, “Sorry, folks, you’re going to need to deplane.”

After an hour of sitting in the terminal – the quietest I’ve ever heard it as 17 or so of us sat around and waited for Dr. Jason to pay a PenAir house call -we all got back on board for an uneventful trip to ANC.

Spent the night at the new B&B in ANC – Maison Megan, meals catered by Brandon. Had a fantastic dinner followed by Cards. Fairly early night, then… An early morning, Erin’s birthday, doctor’s appointment. I highly recommend group cardiology appointments – most entertaining and educational. And anyway, Erin & I are about to know one another a whole lot better – might as well start now. Her cardiologist told us about bear fences – basically a portable electric fence, powered by D-cell batteries, designed to go around a tent site. We found one in Wasilla – only $250! – so have that and bear spray both – it that’s not enough then we’re clearly dealing with one of those predatory bear types and will need to roll over and play armadillo and make noises like a fog horn. That’s what the instructions say, anyway… We’re en route to FAI now but with all the construction and traffic we’ll be lucky to be in by 1900 tonight.

Note to self: Steripen – while green light is still flashing, immerse lamp and water sensor visible light should be evident agitate lamp turns off automatically LED should turn green; if red = incomplete dose


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