Day 23: South Stack, North Stack and Holyhead

13 miles. Though we’ve already reached our final destination, we continued our travels on the Coastal Path with a walk around the South and North Stacks and an ascent of Holyhead Mountain, the highest peak on this island. It was the first day that we were essentially weightless, taking turns carrying only a single pack with the basics for a day on the trail. What a difference! It’s no wonder the OPs (Old People) we saw on the trail were moving nearly as fast as we were. I’m not sure whether the winds should be called, stiff, blustery or something else, but we were quite glad it was still an offshore wind since we were awfully close to the edges of some very high cliffs. At the top of Holyhead Mountain the winds were strong enough that I had to hold on to the trig point just to take a picture. Fabulous views though, and had it been just a bit clearer we’d have been able to see Ireland. I have to say walking is far less tiring and easier on the joints when done without a full kit on the back.

So, our walking is done: 291.6 miles. Tomorrow we’ll watch Rugby World Cup quarter-finals and spend some time exploring Holyhead’s attractions and just taking it easy before heading to London on Sunday.

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