Day 22: Rhosneigr to Holyhead

12.9 miles. I suppose in a way this could be seen as the end of our trip, having arrived at the furthest point we thought we’d reach. However, we do plan to walk at least one more section of the Coastal Path, a section we would’ve walked had we not needed to get cash, so we’re not quite finished.

The walk into Holyhead was surprisingly easy in spite of the still very strong winds. After a long stretch of beach, going around the airport, we walked along the strait separating Holy Island from Anglesey Island, crossed over via a long causeway and then walked another couple of miles along the coast until we reached the city. And city it was: the walk ended with us in a narrow passage between decrepit buildings and a littered, overgrown green space, walking on used condoms and dead mice! Not exactly what we’ve become accustomed to over the last three weeks.

Anglesey has felt different from the other parts of Wales through which we’ve traveled. For all of it’s old, rich history it looks much newer than other places on “the mainland.”. Buildings are newer, fields larger, and small towns feel more like suburban bedroom villages than self-supporting communities.

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