Day 20: Llanfairpwll… to Dwyran

22.3 miles. We are trapped in a Victorian garden, do circles along the Angelesy coast and get lost in a three-street village.

A frustrating day of mixed enjoyments. Because there are gaps in the Coastal Path we had to find our way to the next segment, about five miles from where we stayed in the town whose name is so long I will try neither to spell nor pronounce it. Doing this required a walk past a large Victorian mansion, complete with croquet lawn, and through an intricately designed garden. The grounds were lovely but we were unable to leave! Fenced and walled in all directions, we found ourselves doing circles in the gardens, searching desperately for a break in the containment system! Finally we scrambled over and around the ends of some broken fencing, but our day of circling back on ourselves was not yet complete…

The countryside here on Angelesy is beautiful – the coast is visible from almost every spot we walked today – and we spent the latter part of the day in a large nature preserve, all conifers, grass-covered dunes and long sandy-pebbly beaches with many birds and few people.

After a long day of walking, far longer than we’d planned, we ended in Newborough, a sizable village or so it seemed on the map. But villages here on Angelesy aren’t like the mainland, and this one had no lodging to offer – nearest place to stay is two miles behind us. So we trudge back there and do find, in the nick of time, a place for the night. How about places to eat, we ask? None. The nearest place is in the town we just left! Our hostess offered to drop us in another town to which she was headed, and from where we could get a bus back, so that we could eat dinner. We accepted the offer, had a good dinner and caught a very expensive bus back to Dwyran. Unfortunately we knew nothing about Dwyran, having arrived at near dark and walked around none at all, and so quickly became utterly lost after being dropped off by the bus. Thank goodness for a late-night dog walker, who set us on the right path towards “home.”

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