Day 2: Monmouth to Pandy

19.0 miles. Our innkeep told us that this day would be much easier than our first, full of undulating yet easy hills and dales. After walking 19 miles of said undulations, I can’t say that I noticed much difference between this day and the previous: it’s still a long bloody way. We once again strayed off course, adding perhaps 1.5 miles to the day’s walk, almost all on pavement, but mostly it was a pleasant walk through farmland, fields and orchards. Apples are in season and early in the day we found several “freebie” bins outside homes, so we helped ourselves to some very fresh fruit for our journey.

We knew already that we’d not likely find lodging, as our Queen’s Head innkeep had called ahead for us, and so we camped in a “caravan park,” as I think they’re called. This was a cheap nights lodging, at only 10 pounds, showers included! So far we’ve managed to use almost all the gear we brought with us, so the weight we’ve been carrying has been well worth it. The tarp and bivies worked well in spite of it raining all night!

We’re both doing well in terms of overall stamina and conditioning but are suffering greatly from aching feet.

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