Day 16: Llanbedr-Trawsfyndd-Caernarfon

9.5 miles (only!) The fabulous weather continues to hold. The stars at our camp last night were stunning, brilliant in a night sky with no light pollution for miles. A few bats and the ubiquitous sheep wandering about completed the evening show. We were up early after a windy but dry and warm night, and were on the trail by a bit after 0800, off to traverse the Rhinogs. We’d learned from our mistakes at Cadair Idris and checked both map and compass frequently, resulting in a fairly slow pace but no time lost  to backtracking. This country is quite different from the more southern part of Wales, all rock walls, scree and huge boulders interspersed with boggy bunch-grass meadows and laced with small, hidden streams carefully placed to cover feet at inopportune moments. Amazingly, stone fences run up and down the mountains, over the boggy meadows, going on for miles sometimes. It’s hard to imagine how many years it must have taken to build those fences. There are few sheep and virtually no cows here, and thigh the land is divided into pastures of a sort, they have none of the soft, lush greenness of the pastures to the south.

So, we successfully traversed the Rhinogs and walked into Trawsfyndd early in the afternoon. We’d planned on staying there for the night but elected to bus into Caernarfon directly rather than waiting until tomorrow morning. We’ll have a bit of time to explore in the early part of the day tomorrow before catching another bus to Rhyd-Ddu, at the base of Snowdon.

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  1. Hope you are still having fun eventhough y’all appear to be done with the sheep shit. Looking forward to more of your adventures since it is the 3rd and the last entry I see is the 30th. Saw your folks today. Jerry still learning weaving from your mom. Later, after Dr appt and errands, Jerry and I ate at El Chaparal. Yummo. Oh sorry, that may have been cruel if you’ve still been relegated to mediocre pub food which is a shame cuz I’ve had some really good pub food in England and Scotland. If you want to bring back some sheep fleece or yarn I’d be happy to craft a scarf to memorialize your trip. Talk soon. Melissa

  2. Following … following … hope you are creating some great plot to put with your descriptions! All well here – still no rain but a bit cooler. Have some great photos Kermit took with his ‘game camera’ of a roadrunner and snake – will set aside to send when you return. Love, mom/pop

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