Day 14: Cadair Idris

15.0 miles. Had a glorious day to summit Cadair Idris, near Dolgellau – sunny and warm, with a warm southerly breeze. We bussed early in the morning to Abergynolwyn and after getting out of town (with one stop to visit and castle) we took a long but gradually climbing path that eventually met up with the moat commonly used track, the “pony path.” Reaching the summit took another 1.5 hours of steeper but not technically difficult walking, and once up there we could see about 30 miles in all directions! We could even see the summit  of Snowdon, which we’re hoping to climb a few days from now.

Our descent wasn’t quite so uneventful, it taking almost two hours to find the start of the other trail – the Foxes Path – down. We did however get some views of Llyn Cau, which we should never have seen, as a result of our wanderings! Once we did find the aptly named Foxes Path, Shari took one look at the first part of it, a long, very steep, rubble-strewn 300-meter descent and immediately asked if my knees were up to it. Guess we’ll find out, eh? Shari billy-goated down in no time while I hobbled at a much slower pace but did make it down safely. En route we met up with another pair of walkers struggling down the path, with whom we shared the remainder of the walk. Shari turned on her damsel-in-distress charm and shortly had us a ride into town, saving us about a mile of pavement-pounding.

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