Day 11: a barn to Machynlleth

13.2 miles, and the end of the second leg. Oh, the joy of having a short day! We were up early, not wanting to overstay our welcome in the barn, and repacked our more or less dry belongings, had some coffee and a light breakfast and then headed out, arriving in town around 1400. This day, unlike the previous, had weather which steadily improved such that it was warm and sunny by the time we descended into Machynlleth. The countryside is becoming more rugged,  with stone outcroppings more common in the fields and much steeper slopes on the hillsides. The colors are different as well – the omnipresent verdant green pastures have been partially replaced by the deep green of conifer plantations and the rust and gold of bracken.

We’ve been eating a “full English” virtually every morning since we arrived. It’s an obscene amount of food: 1-2 eggs; thick, hsm-like slabs of bacon, sausages, fried toast, dry toast, cooked tomatoes, cooked mushrooms, baked beans and sometimes even hash browns. It does, however, give one the energy to hike about 5 hours before needing any additional sustenance. Our light breakfast (yogurt, muesli, a roll with jam and half a banana) this morning lasted us only about 2.5 hours before growling stomachs made us stop for lunch around 1030. So, in spite of the dubious health benefits of a “full English,” I shall continue to eat one on my hiking days!

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