Day 0: Chepstow

1.9 miles. Arrived Chepstow as planned, mid-afternoon and fairly fatigued from three days of trans-oceanic and trans-continental travel. We found St Anne’s House, a tidy, white, three-story home close to the river, without too much difficulty, especially considering we had no street map and most of the street names weren’t signed!

We spent the remainder of the afternoon exploring Chepstow Castle and walking out to Sedbury Cliff, the official start of the Offs’s Dyke trail. Doing so knocked off 2-3 miles from our first day’s mileage  and gave us the opportunity to learn how local trail signage compares to both the maps and the guidebook write-ups. We now know that the trail markers may be small adhesive medallions not much bigger than a coaster! In any event, it was a good training run and a great way to work travel kinks out of our bodies and minds.

We finished with drinks at a couple of pubs, sampling local ales at both and pub grub at one. The locals say this is a fine time of yeapr to walk, especially as we just missed the tropical storm that swept through two days ago. As Shari said, I have so far fulfilled my part of the bargain. The only negative has been the development if a blister on my left foot, from all the city walking in my barefoot shoes. It’s quite painful at the moment but I think will not be a problem in my hiking boots. We’ll see!

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