Pre-travel blues

Wow, we’re leaving in two days!  Weather permitting, of course – the normal Dutch Harbor caveat.  The last week or so has just flown by and I’m feeling way behind on the projects I’d hoped to complete before we leave.  Not that most of them can’t wait, I simply wanted to get them done.   I’m not packed, the greenhouse still needs to be cleaned and my drysuit still needs fixin’…  Ugh.  One of the many things I’ve been working on is trying to post video and GPS tracks on here – no joy there but perhaps I can figure it out when we get back and I have more time.   Shari’s been gone as well, working on a drilling platform and scheduled to return to shore tomorrow.  I certainly hope she makes it since otherwise I’ll have to find a house- and pet-sitter at the very last moment.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, especially since if she can’t make it, it’s probably because the weather’s bad and if the weather’s bad for her then it will probably be bad for me, too.  That would, in a word, suck.

Brandon and I hope to put something up here a couple times a week, so keep your eyes peeled.


  1. I can’t believe it is here! After so long of planning, it didn’t really feel like it would actaully happen. I’m going to miss you both and you better have the best time ever!

    Also, if Shari needs someone to watch the house/animals anytime while you are gone, she can feel free to call me.

  2. It’s okay, we’re getting there. Packed, most of my house stuff is done, just have half a dozen mini-errands to take care of and I’ll be GTG.

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