Great Barrier Reef Diving

I’m still out on the boat right now so this won’t get sent for a couple of days yet but things are going well. We missed our last flight and so ended up with a full day in Sydney before flying to Cairns – neat city – but caught our liveaboard without issue (we had generously padded our travel arrangements to account for this). The morning before boarding we took a very long sky tram over the rainforest, in the rain so as to have the most realistic exposure to the environment, and explored the area for most of the day before going to the port.

Our weather still left a bit to be desired and we headed out in what we would call snotty weather back home. Fortunately I’m not prone to seasickness but the same couldn’t be said for all our comrades! After an overnight steam we anchored in the lee of the Great Barrier Reef and started diving.

Wow. Warm, clear, blue water. Okay, a bit rough on the surface at times as the winds have kept up a fairly steady 25-35 knots, but it stopped raining after the second day so still… Wow.

We’ve seen loads of sharks, which for me has been the highlight (so far, since we still have two days of diving as I write this).  The Reef is amazing – the color change makes it stand out for miles, especially from the top deck of the boat. It’s a beautiful sight!

Update – we’re off the boat and on our way to Cooktown – will post again with pics ASAP!

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