Fall Doth Approach

I’m not sure I’m real keen about this.  Emperor Geese began arriving last week.  I’ve never seen Emperor Geese here in September.  Perhaps some old-timers have, but in 20 years I’ve yet to see them before October, and some years it’s even November before their arrival. Their being here so early can’t be good.  And then there’s the snow.  Termination dust was visible this morning between northerly squalls, but termination dust in September isn’t particularly unusual.  What was disconcerting was the fact that the squalls were bringing snow – hard little pellets of it – at sea level and the snow was actually accumulating on the edges of the deck and in the window frames, on my windshield and in the yard.  Now that simply isn’t right. I think Shari and I need to find more firewood.

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