Notes from the Field: 14 August 2013, Day Two

Cane Creek

1927. First full day. No bears, but many sheep including at least one ram; as-yet-unidentified birds, a mouse and… maybe that was it. We’ve seen lots of scat and track and believe we’ve seen bear, wolf, fox, sheep and caribou scat; and wolf, sheep and caribou tracks – oh, and bear tracks. I think we walked close to six miles today. We made our turn out of Cane Creek, towards Red Sheep Creek, this afternoon – it was a 1000’ climb that we did in about an hour, following what were likely sheep or caribou paths. After we got to the top of the pass we found ourselves in a bit of a quandary: rain, thunder and lightning at almost a mile high, unknown valley ahead of us and known but not enticing one behind us. I scouted ahead a bit but it didn’t look particularly promising for camping so we descended about 300’ or so, back the way we came.

Erin: Shari was reluctant to do the climb but we out-voted her. Being at the top of the pass for the lightning and thunder gives one a whole new concept of thunder: big and loud and close. Maybe Shari was right. Pretty amazing trip so far.

Cumulative distance: 9.7 miles


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