Day 12: Machynlleth

0 miles. A day of rest, recuperation, recovery and reconsideration. We have at this point walked 175 miles including supposedly (I’m wondering whether I remembered to reset this , or not, at the beginning of the trip) 7693 meters of total elevation gain. If that’s correct we’ve walked up even more hillsides than I realized!

After a breakfast conversation with our innkeeper and two men who’ve spent some time visiting this are, we decided to spend the day on the train, going up the Cambrian coast. Lovely area, this. Many birds  in the estuaries, Edwardian castles and WWII defenses looking over the coast and some nice views inland toward Snowdon. This is an area we hadn’t originally planned on visiting, and the change from walking to sitting felt good indeed!

For a short part of our journey we were set upon by a man named, I believe, John. John was old and crazy, with blubbery lips and drool on his chin. He was also clearly a regular on the train, and we simply his hapless targets for the day. Once John discovered we were from the USA, he spent a half-hour regaling us with the names of American tv and movie stars, claiming to know many and be owed money by a few. Shari says I encouraged him but she’s wrong – I simply didn’t want to be rude. In any event, I think when I’m old and crazy I shall spend my days riding trains and talking to tourists!

We’re reconsidering how best to make our way through Snowdonia, having come to the conclusion that we may have bitten off more than we can chew with our original plan. We’ll spend an additional day here, researching routes and lodging options, before heading out again.

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