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Day 24: We Just Can’t Stop

5.5 miles. We are lost on a steeplechase course and Shari climbs a dung heap to ascertain our location. We are really done walking now – 297.1 miles!

Okay, we said yesterday that we were done walking. But by mid-morning we’d long since exhausted all that Holyhead has to offer – a huge breakwater and a Roman fortlet (yes, a little fort) – and decided to go out for a stroll to a Neolithic-age standing stone and burial chamber.

The weather was so nice we thought we’d just continue walking a bit on a section of the Coastal Path that we Continue reading Day 24: We Just Can’t Stop

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Day 23: South Stack, North Stack and Holyhead

13 miles. Though we’ve already reached our final destination, we continued our travels on the Coastal Path with a walk around the South and North Stacks and an ascent of Holyhead Mountain, the highest peak on this island. It was the first day that we were essentially weightless, taking turns carrying only a single pack with the basics for a day on the trail. What a difference! It’s no wonder the OPs (Old People) we saw on the trail Continue reading Day 23: South Stack, North Stack and Holyhead

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Day 22: Rhosneigr to Holyhead

12.9 miles. I suppose in a way this could be seen as the end of our trip, having arrived at the furthest point we thought we’d reach. However, we do plan to walk at least one more section of the Coastal Path, a section we would’ve walked had we not needed to get cash, so we’re not quite finished.

The walk into Holyhead was surprisingly easy in spite of the still very strong winds. After a long stretch of beach, going around the airport, we walked along the strait Continue reading Day 22: Rhosneigr to Holyhead

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Day 21: Dwyran to Rhosneigr

17.0 miles. Due to a forecast for poor weather and dwindling supplies of cash, we elected not to retrace part of yesterday’s route out to what seemed a lovely but very exposed rocky promontory and instead head toward Rhosneigr, an allegedly large place with plenty of options for food, lodging, etc. Rhosneigr is still on the Coastal Path so we didn’t miss out on any of the Continue reading Day 21: Dwyran to Rhosneigr

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