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Day 3: Pandy to Hay-on-Wye

17.3 miles. 57 miles in three days! At this rate, even with days odd, we’ll easily make it to the north coast and perhaps even to Angelesy. Not only that, we shall have calves of steel and quads of iron!

A long day in weather much like home – wet, windy and cool. We started with a long uphill slog to the top of Hatterrall Ridge, upon which we walked for about 10 miles. As Shari said at one point, “It ought to end soon but it there’s just moor and moor of it.” Beautiful views of England to the east and Wales to the west, though some heavy showers  Continue reading Day 3: Pandy to Hay-on-Wye

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Day 2: Monmouth to Pandy

19.0 miles. Our innkeep told us that this day would be much easier than our first, full of undulating yet easy hills and dales. After walking 19 miles of said undulations, I can’t say that I noticed much difference between this day and the previous: it’s still a long bloody way. We once again strayed off course, adding perhaps 1.5 miles to the day’s walk, almost all on pavement, but mostly it was a pleasant walk through farmland, fields and orchards. Apples are in season and Continue reading Day 2: Monmouth to Pandy

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Day 1: Chepstow to Monmouth

19.2 miles. Our first day on the trail was perhaps abut more than we’d bargained for and we finished it with aching feet and burning shoulders.

After an enormous traditional English breakfast and a quick search for methylated spirits we headed out at 0900. I would’ve preferred an earlier start but that was the best we could do with Shari’s morning sluggishness and our general level of preparedness. Our path-finding was mostly without mishap, and added only  Continue reading Day 1: Chepstow to Monmouth

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Day 0: Chepstow

1.9 miles. Arrived Chepstow as planned, mid-afternoon and fairly fatigued from three days of trans-oceanic and trans-continental travel. We found St Anne’s House, a tidy, white, three-story home close to the river, without too much difficulty, especially considering we had no street map and most of the street names weren’t signed!

We spent the remainder of the afternoon exploring Chepstow Castle and walking out to Sedbury Cliff, the official start of the Offs’s Dyke trail. Doing so knocked off 2-3 miles from our first day’s mileage  Continue reading Day 0: Chepstow

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