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Day 20: Llanfairpwll… to Dwyran

22.3 miles. We are trapped in a Victorian garden, do circles along the Angelesy coast and get lost in a three-street village.

A frustrating day of mixed enjoyments. Because there are gaps in the Coastal Path we had to find our way to the next segment, about five miles from where we stayed in the town whose name is so long I will try neither to spell nor pronounce it. Doing this required a walk past a large Victorian mansion, complete with croquet lawn, and through an intricately designed garden. The grounds were lovely but Continue reading Day 20: Llanfairpwll… to Dwyran

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Day 19: Pen-y-Pas to Llanfairpwll…

3.8 miles. After spending much of the day on or waiting on busses, we finally made it across Menai Strait and began the Isle of Angelesy Coastal Path around 1515. We could have started it much earlier had we realized how close our last bus stop was to the bridge, but instead we waited almost an hour for our fourth bus, which in turn spent twenty-five minutes on a circuitous route only to cross the bridge less than a mile from where we boarded. Ah well, such are the joys of public transportation. So, our final Continue reading Day 19: Pen-y-Pas to Llanfairpwll…

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Day 18: Snowdon

9.0 miles. Snowdon. Got an early start, at 0835, well before most other walkers were on the trail. We’d purposefully picked this route for the ascent as it’s considered one of the easier approaches, and it proved to be a good choice. Though a bit steep in places, it was mostly a gradual climb and we made it up to the peak in only 2.5 hours, a half-hour less than the “usual” time and that with our full packs! It was rather ironic to be just short of the peak and to see Continue reading Day 18: Snowdon

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Day 17: Caernarfon to Rhyd-Ddu

0 miles. Explored Caernarfon, mostly the massive, unfinished castle started by Edward 1. It’s really rather impressive and far, far larger than any of the other castles we’ve seen. Restocked our groceries and caught a late afternoon bus to the youth hostel at the Snowdon Ranger trailhead. Weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t great but should be good enough for a peak ascent even if the view’s a bit obscured.

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