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Nearly time to leave

Well, the summer I planned to use for conditioning myself is nearly over and while I don’t think I’m in poor condition for our big walk, I certainly haven’t done this summer what I’d hoped to do in the way of preparation for long hikes on a daily basis.  Soon enough I’ll have the opportunity to see how badly I may have miscalculated!  We leave on September 11th, en route to Boston (yes, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, but our flight from Anchorage to Boston doesn’t actually leave until very early on the 12th, so hopefully we’ll be  Continue reading Nearly time to leave

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Winter walking

January so often brings us stunning winter weather and this year has been no exception, with about 10 days of mostly sunny, mostly calm and cold but not frigid weather.  Shari and I took advantage of our both being off on one of these almost clear, calm, just-below-freezing days to hike to Agamgik Bay.  This is a great half-day hike at any time

of year, but avalanches often keep us from being able to walk it in the winter.  We’ve had so little snow this year that getting to the trailhead was no problem, and we set off Continue reading Winter walking

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Returning Already

Well, posting on a regular basis didn’t go quite as I’d hoped or planned. The internet service at the dive resort wasn’t free (as advertised in multiple locations) and was pricey enough that I opted not to spend a lot of time attempting to update the blog, and our Western Highlands lodging had no service at all. So, in a nutshell:

The diving in Milne Bay was essentially everything it was cracked up to to be: healthy, vibrant reefs with a huge biomass of fish and inverts and visibility that ranged from good (by our Unalaska standards) to unbelievable. The only minor disappointment Continue reading Returning Already

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