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Day 8: Felindre to Abbeycymhir

18.4 miles. I’m enjoying this Glyndwr’s Way path. Whether we are on roads or off, we seem to be in much more remote areas, with more expansive views and broader horizons. Today’s walk was almost exclusively on trails, giving my feet a break from the pounding of walking miles on pavement.

Our destination, Abbeycymhir, is a small village with few options for food or lodging. We were granted access to camp in a field and offered breakfast for the next morning. But we were  Continue reading Day 8: Felindre to Abbeycymhir

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Day 7: Knighton to Felindre

16.8 miles. Our first day on Glyndwr’s Way was cool and blustery, enough so that we broke out long sleeves, hats and gloves for almost the entire day. The chill in the sir and the blown-out fireweed like seed pods were a constant reminder that summer is definitely over, and warm sunny days ate to be the exception rather than the rule.

Although the countryside doesn’t look markedly different from the Marches, the feel of this trail is definitely different. There are fewer and smaller roads, Continue reading Day 7: Knighton to Felindre

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