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Day 12: Machynlleth

0 miles. A day of rest, recuperation, recovery and reconsideration. We have at this point walked 175 miles including supposedly (I’m wondering whether I remembered to reset this , or not, at the beginning of the trip) 7693 meters of total elevation gain. If that’s correct we’ve walked up even more hillsides than I realized!

After a breakfast conversation with our innkeeper and two men who’ve spent some time visiting this are, we decided to spend the day on the train, going up the Cambrian coast. Lovely area, this. Many birds  Continue reading Day 12: Machynlleth

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Day 11: a barn to Machynlleth

13.2 miles, and the end of the second leg. Oh, the joy of having a short day! We were up early, not wanting to overstay our welcome in the barn, and repacked our more or less dry belongings, had some coffee and a light breakfast and then headed out, arriving in town around 1400. This day, unlike the previous, had weather which steadily improved such that it was warm and sunny by the time we descended into Machynlleth. The countryside is becoming more rugged,  Continue reading Day 11: a barn to Machynlleth

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Day 10: Llanidloes to a barn

21.3 miles. A politically correct term for today might be “challenging.” We knew it was going to be a long day; our guidebook listed the day’s walk at 18.5, and as we’d found no listings for lodging we were prepared to camp for the night and so were carrying more weight in food than we might have otherwise. The day started out well enough; though we were running a bit late the weather was sunny and breezy and it seemed  Continue reading Day 10: Llanidloes to a barn

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Day 9: Abbeycymhir to Llanidloes

17.2 miles. Fine night camping in the ruins of the 12th century abbey at Abbeycymhir. How cool is that? Weather was good – cool and crisp, like autumn should be, with no rain – and we were visited by no ghosts of the Welsh or English variety. The fact that the cows were taken out of the ruins especially for us ensured we had an obstacle course of cow patties to run any time we needed to move around. Continue reading Day 9: Abbeycymhir to Llanidloes

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