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Peaceful, easy fishing

A few years back Shari started long-lining for halibut, something I picked up from her when I returned in 2006. Long-lining by hand is quite a bit different from traditional sport fishing. It’s pretty basic – no need for fancy rods and reels, yard upon yard of pricey 80-pound test Dacron or Spectra, or the very-expensive-after-you’ve-lost-several bullet head jigs and tails. No, the long-lining gear consists of a hundred or so yards of sinking line (already had this), a bunch of gangions, circle hooks and snap gear (all recovered while diving), some heavy weights to hold the line on the bottom (also recovered while diving) and more line and Continue reading Peaceful, easy fishing

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Finally, fishing!

Late June is Sockeye Season. I’ve been going to Reese Bay for most of the last 10 years to fish for red (Sockeye) salmon, always during the last few days of June.  It’s one of the highlights of the year, something for which I typically take at least a week off from work so that I’m (more or less) assured of having a couple of good weather days for a boat ride to Reese Bay.   Both the weather and salmon escapement failed to cooperate this year, and thus it was July before Shari, Dan and I got over there.  Our two-boat armada, armed with the three of us and a smallish net, set off early Continue reading Finally, fishing!

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