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Winter walking

January so often brings us stunning winter weather and this year has been no exception, with about 10 days of mostly sunny, mostly calm and cold but not frigid weather.  Shari and I took advantage of our both being off on one of these almost clear, calm, just-below-freezing days to hike to Agamgik Bay.  This is a great half-day hike at any time

of year, but avalanches often keep us from being able to walk it in the winter.  We’ve had so little snow this year that getting to the trailhead was no problem, and we set off Continue reading Winter walking

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Tundra Golf 2010 – Postscript

It rained.  It sprinkled.  It drizzled.  It rained more, sideways rain now.  Only about half of the teams showed up for the second day of the tournament (wimps!), but of course that meant play went much faster than it did on Saturday.  We finished play in under three hours, soaking wet, starting to get cold, and with a score that would undoubtedly have been worse than yesterday’s had we continued keeping track of it!  We were all cold, and wet and tired by the end of the day but overall it was another excellent outing with friends in typical Aleutian weather.  Sorry there are no pics from Day 2 since it was too wet to bring out the cameras…

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Tundra Golf 2010

Ah, another year of golfing what must be the world’s most stunning and most ornery course!  Nine holes, each with fairways of 4-12 inch-high tundra foliage and the occasional willow or salmonberry grove, made finding balls a distinct challenge.  We did pretty well for the first four holes, losing only three balls, but it was all downhill after that.  Fortunately tournament rules allow one to swing from wherever a ball is found, whether it’s yours or not.  That’s certainly a nice option, particularly if you can find a ball Continue reading Tundra Golf 2010

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Peaceful, easy fishing

A few years back Shari started long-lining for halibut, something I picked up from her when I returned in 2006. Long-lining by hand is quite a bit different from traditional sport fishing. It’s pretty basic – no need for fancy rods and reels, yard upon yard of pricey 80-pound test Dacron or Spectra, or the very-expensive-after-you’ve-lost-several bullet head jigs and tails. No, the long-lining gear consists of a hundred or so yards of sinking line (already had this), a bunch of gangions, circle hooks and snap gear (all recovered while diving), some heavy weights to hold the line on the bottom (also recovered while diving) and more line and Continue reading Peaceful, easy fishing

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