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More on Salmon

Brandon and I went diving in the lake yesterday, near the Methodist Church.   We were trying to find a site where, allegedly, the guy I bought my house from had found some WWII china.  We spent about 35 minutes peering through a pretty concentrated algal bloom, dense enough that it was hard to see the bottom and keep up with one another.  When we could see anything at all, we spotted a lot of micrometer-sized fry, and one or two parr that were rather interested in our fingertips, but for the most part we didn’t see Continue reading More on Salmon

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Diving the Baby Islands

Some of our dive group finally got a chance to dive somewhere in the Aleutians other than Unalaska. We’ve talked about something like this for two or three years but have never been able to coordinate a boat, the right weather and enough people to make the trip worthwhile. Yesterday we finally had our opportunity. Captain Bill of the Puk Uk took five of us to the Baby Islands, a three hour or so steam from town, and anchored near the middle of this group of five small islands. We knew in advance that though it’s quite Continue reading Diving the Baby Islands

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