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Notes from the Field: 12 August 2013, Day One-1

Unalaska – Anchorage-Fairbanks

Our journey started yesterday with but a minor hiccup – that moment when the pilot told us, “Sorry, folks, you’re going to need to deplane.”

After an hour of sitting in the terminal – the quietest I’ve ever heard it as 17 or so of us sat around and waited for Dr. Jason to pay a PenAir house call -we all got back on board Continue reading Notes from the Field: 12 August 2013, Day One-1

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Cats don’t camp well

I’ve acquired some new gear in preparation for my trek across Wales, among which is a bivy sack.  Rather than taking a tent I’ll carry just a lightweight tarp along with the bivy (and sleeping bag and mat, of course) in the event I’m unable to make it to a village or simply cannot find an available bed.  I thought I should test the combination in my yard, to make sure I was comfortable, warm and dry enough, before using it in the bush and so set the tarp up Continue reading Cats don’t camp well

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