Notes from the Field: 15 August 2013, Day Three

Between Cane Creek and Red Sheep Creek

0840. Last stages of breaking camp. We got rained on last night, enough that the dry river we left yesterday is no longer dry and is noisy enough to be heard from ¾ of a mile and 700’ elevation gain away. Cool this morning – hat, gloves and puffy weather. Breakfast talk consists of weather and discussions of our respective GI tracts.

1740. Today has been… trying. I’m huddled inside the gear shed; Erin and Shari are in their tent. Though we had blue Continue reading “Notes from the Field: 15 August 2013, Day Three”

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Notes from the Field: 14 August 2013, Day Two

Cane Creek

1927. First full day. No bears, but many sheep including at least one ram; as-yet-unidentified birds, a mouse and… maybe that was it. We’ve seen lots of scat and track and believe we’ve seen bear, wolf, fox, sheep and caribou scat; and wolf, sheep and caribou tracks – oh, and bear tracks. I think we walked close to six miles today. We made our turn out of Cane Creek, towards Red Sheep Creek, this afternoon – it was a 1000’ climb that we did in about an hour, following what were likely sheep or caribou paths. After we got to the top Continue reading “Notes from the Field: 14 August 2013, Day Two”

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