Its the 13th, we arrived in Boston yesterday as scheduled and spent last evening and this morning walking around town. Nice town, very walkable and above all – warm! 80’s! Probably the warmest weather we’ll see the whole trip and we took full advantage of it. We stayed in the Beacon Hill area, which is apparently unique in that it’s shop owners put out bowls of water for passing dogs.

We’re at the airport now and the hiking poles and tent stakes have made it through all TSA stops, though they were questioned Continue reading Boston

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Departure Day

Well, departure day is upon us. The weather isn’t quite as bad (yet) as predicted, our plane is on its way and for the moment looks imminently flyable. Our bags are packed and should qualify for check-in size, and with any luck TSA will allow us to carry our hiking poles and tent stakes as well. If we get out of here on time we have a few minor things to get at REI in Anchorage, and will probably do dinner and a movie before going back to the airport for our redeye to Boston. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, since our PenAir flight hasn’t actually landed here yet – one step at a time!

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Nearly time to leave

Well, the summer I planned to use for conditioning myself is nearly over and while I don’t think I’m in poor condition for our big walk, I certainly haven’t done this summer what I’d hoped to do in the way of preparation for long hikes on a daily basis.  Soon enough I’ll have the opportunity to see how badly I may have miscalculated!  We leave on September 11th, en route to Boston (yes, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, but our flight from Anchorage to Boston doesn’t actually leave until very early on the 12th, so hopefully we’ll be  Continue reading Nearly time to leave

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