We’re off. Hopefully.

The day we’ve spent two years anxiously awaiting has finally arrived, and guess what? We’re still anxious. This is October in Dutch Harbor, a time of year when the weather is notoriously unpredictable and often downright ugly (okay, so that’s most of the year but October can be particularly bad). The forecast as of yesterday wasn’t looking very good for flying, and flights are booked solid for the next week. Agitated and worried about making our international connections, we tried to fly stand-by yesterday but couldn’t since we have non-rev seats. We’re back on our original schedule, praying to the gods of wind, rain and visibility that all will be well. At least today’s forecast has been downgraded from “gusts to 65” to a more prosaic SW45. And another good sign: our plane did actually leave Anchorage. So, the waiting game has begun.

Pre-travel blues

Wow, we’re leaving in two days!  Weather permitting, of course – the normal Dutch Harbor caveat.  The last week or so has just flown by and I’m feeling way behind on the projects I’d hoped to complete before we leave.  Not that most of them can’t wait, I simply wanted to get them done.   I’m not packed, the greenhouse still needs to be cleaned and my drysuit still needs fixin’…  Ugh.  One of the many things I’ve been working on is trying to post video and GPS tracks on here – no joy there but perhaps Continue reading Pre-travel blues